Catalyzing changemakers
to reimagine and transform health

ReThink Health's Vision

We envision an America in which all the sectors that affect health are led, designed, and financed in ways that foster healthy people and thriving communities.

  • ReThink Health Pulse Check

    Multi-sector partnerships play an increasingly significant role in the movement to improve heath, equity, and economic prosperity. The Pulse Check is the only survey of its kind to ask national leaders how partnerships have developed over time and how their work has been financed.

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  • ReThink Health Ventures

    Ventures is working with six communities to show that an integrated, dynamic, and high-functioning health ecosystem is possible.

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  • Systems Mapping

    ReThink Health worked with the Minnesota Department of Health to explore the connections between incarceration and health.

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The ReThink Health Approach

We work with visionary leaders to transform health at the regional level – their neighborhoods, cities, counties, or states. We promote broad and systemic thinking that allows leaders to step outside their own frames of reference so they can better see how the various parts of the system interact in unexpected ways and determine how and where they can exert influence. Our hope is that by demonstrating regional success, we inspire transformation across the country.

Tools for Change

  • Financing Workbook

    Long-term, sustainable financing is a major challenge for the majority of multisector partnerships. Many depend overwhelmingly on short-term sources of funding—namely, grants. It’s time to explore new financing frontiers.

  • Negotiating a Well-Being Portfolio Exercise

    An exercise that provides a picture of regional policies and initiatives addressing both “urgent needs” and “vital conditions” – allowing leaders to explore how these could shift to deliver better results.

  • Pathway for Transforming Regional Health

    Transforming the system that produces health and well-being is no small task. To do it well, regional stewards will need to facilitate cross-sector collaboration and alignment to create conditions for lasting change.

  • System Dynamics Model

    Our Model helps leaders and teams test their own “what if….?” scenarios and develop priorities and strategies for significant system change.

The Rethinkers' Blog

Practical ideas and tools for leaders exploring the edges of health system transformation.