A Message from Laura Landy, president & CEO of The Rippel Foundation


More than half a century ago, our first president, Julius A. Rippel, began a conversation about how the nation can do more to keep people healthier, offer high-quality health care, and keep costs affordable over a sustained period of time. That conversation continues today, as we work actively with partners and collaborators across the country to rethink how we create conditions that will get us to those aims faster and in a way that can have long-term impact for our communities. Our goal with ReThink Health is to eliminate barriers that too often get in the way of creating and sustaining regional health systems that are accessible, affordable, and make meaningful and enduring differences in people’s lives. We’re doing that by looking far and wide—not just among those in health but learning from pioneers in other fields like energy, innovation, and political organizing—who have figured out how to think differently to achieve sustainable change.

In launching our new and improved ReThink Health website, we are creating a dynamic platform to share information with diverse players who are interested in transforming local and regional health systems; who want to learn what others are doing to achieve success; and who are open to embracing a different way of tackling problems. Our website also is a place for you to see how we help diverse stakeholders in communities rethink how they approach solutions—whether it’s by bringing leaders together for the first time or showing communities what financial options could be available if they took on a challenge to truly improve health.

We are launching this website at a pivotal time for ReThink Health as it begins a new project with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to explore what it will take to move regional health systems in new and more sustainable ways and foster effective management of shared resources. Through the Frontiers in Sustainable Financing and Health System Stewardship Project, we will be exploring new approaches needed to maintain high-impact initiatives long enough to reach their full potential and benefit. We hope to learn from those in health and health care, as well as from those in other sectors and other parts of the world, identify what has worked most effectively and why, and test those new ideas with leaders across America.

ReThink is firmly committed to collaborations and partnerships like these to help advance change and carve promising pathways for others to follow. Our partnership with the California Healthcare Foundation, for example, helped us create the ReThink Health System Dynamics Model, a simulation tool now being used by regions, organizations, and academic institutions across the country to address health care challenges in ways that spur action. We are also collaborating with a group in the Upper Connective River Valley to help them achieve sustained change in health care costs, access, and financing by rethinking how they approach their region’s problems. Our collaboration with Washington University is helping us figure out how to leverage network mapping as a way to engage stakeholders in understanding new approaches and new partnerships for sustained change.

In this time of rapid change in U.S. health care, we must all be open to new ways of thinking, learning and acting. We look forward to exploring these new frontiers with you and achieving the goal of better care, better health and lower costs for all.