Our Approach

ReThink Health awakens changemakers to what is possible. We spur big-picture thinking that allows leaders to step outside their own frames of reference. This lets them better see how the various parts of the system interact in unexpected ways and determine how and where they can exert influence. We do this by deeply understanding their challenges, listening to diverse voices, and working together to harness the information, insights, and actions needed to overcome entrenched beliefs and disrupt the status quo.

Our models and tools catalyze systems thinking, foster more effective and broad-based stewardship teams, develop strategies for change, and offer diverse financing approaches so that change is sustainable over time.

At ReThink Health, we are committed to exploration, alignment, action, and impact within the following three critical and integrated domains. While leaders often address one or two of these, it is only by embracing all three simultaneously that sustainable change can be achieved

  • Active Stewardship helps leaders establish the conditions for diverse stakeholders to work together across traditional boundaries to more successfully and creatively lead health system redesign, implement high impact system improvements and innovations, and avoid sticking points along the way.
  • Sound Strategy equips leaders with data and dynamic models to help them individually and collectively understand the complexity and interactions of their health system, play out plausible scenarios, identify opportunities, set priorities for action, and measure progress over time.
  • Sustainable Investment and Financing advances new information, tools and approaches to investment and financing that help create long term strategies, identify and leverage regional assets, shift how resources are used, and support efforts long enough to realize their promise for meaningful impact.