Influencing Changemakers

ReThink Health is committed to working at the frontiers of regional health system redesign, continuously scanning the field and working to identify and help overcome challenges and pitfalls that leaders and teams face. Through our collaborations with partners in communities, as well as with our peer organizations, research institutions, and think tanks, we maintain an active research portfolio to bring new insights and understanding to the field and advance our approaches to change. Findings from our research and lessons learned from our work inform new tools and approaches that help accelerate our capacity and the ability of communities to address challenging problems. Among the topics we seek to understand:

  • How diverse groups of leaders can function effectively and what gets in the way
  • How to build effective, cohesive strategies for change
  • How to sustainably finance health systems and their redesign
  • How to measure progress and impact over time

We also are committed to supporting the next generation of leaders. We work with colleges and universities to bring system thinking and new approaches to health and health care to future leaders in health, public policy, public health, and other fields. Our goal is to help future leaders gain a broader understanding of what it takes to build and sustain a healthy population and sustainable economic prosperity. Our activities in this area include:

  • Providing tools and resources, including the ReThink Health Dynamics Model, for classroom instruction.
  • Partnering with institutions on curriculum design.
  • Teaching classes, workshops and courses on a variety of topics, from health policy and health system science to leadership, stewardship, and community engagement.

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