Accelerating Progress

The effective alignment of regional stakeholders who act as stewards of their health system is a critical factor in sustainable system redesign. ReThink Health works closely with regional leaders and cross-sector coalitions to help them develop more active stewardship, effectively engage local community members, build critical relationships, set priorities, identify and pursue more effective strategies, and guide resources into smarter more sustained investments. We are effective coaches, facilitators, networkers, and trainers in engagements with regions that may last a few days or a few years, based on a coalition’s needs.

Our work with regions helps move groups of independent actors focused on improving health outcomes to more coherent, multi-stakeholder approaches. By building relationships, enhancing system insight, redesigning core elements of the system, and implementing cohesive and well supported strategies, collaborative efforts can accelerate reaching the goals of better health, lower costs, higher quality care, and create more resilient communities.

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