ReThink Health Dynamics Model

The ReThink Health Dynamics Model is a regional health system in a computer. By simulating how a health system responds to changes, it lets leaders like you see which investments will do the most to save lives, reduce costs, improve quality, enhance equity, and boost productivity.

The model can help you discover a new path to system transformation. It lets you ask “what if” questions and get the results instantly to see how various strategies are likely to unfold. With a diverse menu of initiatives and financing options, everyone can test their own ideas and track results across scores of measures.

Designed by an award-winning team of MIT-trained system modelers, the RTH Dynamics Model brings together decades of evidence and is regularly updated to reflect the latest research and input from users.

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ReThink Health Dynamics Model

ReThink Health Dynamics Model

The model has been used in regions across the country to:

  • Align quickly around sound strategies
  • Explore impacts of sustainable funding
  • Shift strategies and funding in more effective directions
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Lessons from the Model

Learn how virtually every aspect of the American health system—including measures of population
health, care, cost, equity, and economic productivity—can be improved by making well-informed
decisions about where we invest and how we finance those efforts over time.