Strategy in Action: Stewarding Health and the Economy with THRIVE

If you’d like to see a real-life example of sound strategy in action, check out a pair of case studies ReThink Health published (with support from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund) about THRIVE (Transforming Health Regionally In a Vibrant Economy), a multisector partnership addressing health and the economy in Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay region. In […]

Developing a Value Proposition Narrative Toolkit

Making a Case That Compels Stakeholders to Get Involved in Regional Efforts to Transform Health and Well-being. A value proposition is a positioning statement that explains WHAT benefits you, your colleagues, and your multisector partnership or organization provide to WHOM, and HOW you do it UNIQUELY well. It builds on a shared vision for a […]

Negotiating a Well-Being Portfolio Exercise

An exercise that provides a picture of regional policies and initiatives addressing both “urgent needs” and “vital conditions” – allowing leaders to explore how these could shift to deliver better results.

Type: Tools

Category: Dynamic Modeling, Regional Initiatives, Strategy

Story: Upper Connecticut River Valley

The Upper Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire (NH) and Vermont (VT) is home to Dartmouth College and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center—major players in the regional economy and the local health system. The region faces challenges including high per-capita health costs, rapidly declining Medicaid reimbursements, rising unemployment, an aging population. Additionally, the region’s rural nature creates challenges for accessing primary care. Aspiring to a healthy and sustainable local economy, leaders from Dartmouth challenged Upper Valley residents to join together in addressing high healthcare costs and imagining a stronger future for the entire region—and they turned to ReThink Health for technical assistance.

Type: Case studies

Category: Regional Initiatives, Stewardship

Story: Columbia, South Carolina

Like many communities, Columbia is facing serious health-related challenges, including rising costs, growing incidence of chronic disease, and unequal access to healthcare services—particularly in the low-income Eau Claire community, where one in three residents is uninsured. In 2010, local leaders from Eau Claire and across the city forged a coalition to improve health, increase access to care, decrease costs for citizens and providers, and achieve sustainable, long-term improvements. With hands-on coaching and support from ReThink Health, leaders of the coalition, called Healthy Columbia, dedicated months to outreach—identifying, recruiting, and preparing leaders to take collective action. 

Type: Case studies

Category: Stewardship

Story: Pueblo, Colorado

In 2010, a group of Pueblo’s veteran health leaders decided to take action by committing to the Triple Aim of better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower per capita costs. Rather than seeking incremental change, members of the Pueblo Triple Aim Coalition wanted first to concentrate on the big picture and clarify the group’s governance, structure, and strategy—all critical to sustaining long-term collaborative work. With the goal of creating sustainable improvements, the Coalition’s leaders began working with ReThink Health and our Dynamics Model.

Type: Case studies

Category: Dynamic Modeling, Strategy

Story: Atlanta, Georgia

During a series of public meetings, beginning in July 2012, members of the Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI) began thinking about ways to improve the health of their community and the quality of their health system. To find answers, the ARCHI steering committee turned to ReThink Health, asking us to configure our Dynamics Model to represent key elements of the Atlanta health system. 

Type: Case studies

Category: Dynamic Modeling, Regional Initiatives

Story: Minnesota

In recent years, there has been an evolving understanding of the factors that create health, including an acknowledgement that incarceration is a social determinant of health. However, many people believe that incarceration’s impact on health occurs almost entirely at the individual level and that it is addressed by providing incarcerated individuals with healthcare in prisons and jails. The Minnesota Department of Health knew the story was much bigger and more complicated. So the department teamed up with ReThink Health to explore the relationship between health and incarceration by using a “systems thinking” approach that analyzed the the structures and forces at work within the health and criminal justice systems.

Type: Case studies

Category: Non-health Sectors

Story: Five Regional QIOs

In 2012, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded a Special Innovation Project (SIP) to Telligen (then the Colorado Foundation for Medical Care) to use data to build community capacity to improve health. SIPs are typically two-year health care quality improvement projects that align with CMS’s quality strategy goals and are expected to generate a significant impact if successfully scaled. ReThink Health and Telligen worked in five regions  (through their respective state quality improvement organizations – QIOs) to explore innovative ways to improve health and health care and lower costs for Medicaid beneficiaries. The project’s goal was to help the communities and their QIOs learn how they could work together to address local health challenges such as residents with multiple chronic diseases; amputation and diabetes care; high costs associated with low quality; inefficiency; and healthcare disparities.

Type: Case studies

Financing Regional Health Transformation: A Primer for Changemakers

Smarter investments backed by sustainable financing can drive profound health reform in regions across the country. This Financing Primer helps regional leaders think through key questions around the investment and financing of long-term, health reform ventures. It focuses on what sustainable financing is, why it is important, the critical elements of a financing plan, and what others around the country have been doing to frame and finance their work.

Type: Publications, Tools

Category: Financing & Investment