Stewarding Regional Health Transformation: A Guide for Changemakers

This guide will help you and your colleagues reimagine and transform health in your region. It teaches local leaders how to develop and sustain effective stewardship.

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Why Behavioral And Environmental Interventions Are Needed To Improve Health At Lower Cost

Looking at a 30 year time horizon, the authors argue that investments in the prevention-based initiatives that target behavioral and environmental risks are imperative to success of health care cost reduction strategies. When looking at the short-term, ten-year benefits of many health care strategies, such preventative efforts that influence the underlying system dynamics of risk […]

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When Being #1 Means We Have to Think Differently: The Future of Healthcare in New Jersey

This white paper looks at the state of New Jersey’s health care costs and trends, identifies important themes, and generates ideas about the future. It makes clear that New Jersey’s health care costs are unsustainable, and lays out a path for action

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Skillful Convening: A Powerful Tool for Health System Redesign

This Health Affairs GrantWatch Blog describes the important role that skillful convening can play in bringing people together to support a collaborative approach to improve the performance of their local health systems. Written by Rippel President & CEO Laura Landy, the post highlights how the Rippel Foundation and ReThink Health have used this signature tool to support innovative efforts in communities across the country including Columbia, South Carolina; Pueblo, Colorado; the Upper Valley of Vermont/New Hampshire; and New Jersey.

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County officials embark on new, collective endeavors to rethink their local health systems

Authors: Milstein B, Hirsch G, Minyard K. Excerpt: Good health and high-value health care are essential to the well-being and prosperity in every county.  However, the U.S. health system is notorious for its costly, inequitable, and disappointing performance.  As a result, health system reform is becoming a top priority for county officials as well as for […]

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Meeting Summary: ReThink Health Roundtable on Leveraging Investments

In September 2014, ReThink Health convened 25 leaders of regional health collaboratives for an innovative roundtable in Chicago on leveraging investments to advance their health and health care. Together these leaders meaningfully explored barriers to their stewardship activities and approaches to sustainable investment and financing. Learn more about how ReThink Health catalyzed actionable dialogue and […]

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ReThink Health Frontiers in Sustainable Financing and Health System Stewardship Baseline Network Assessments

This report summarizes early findings from three separate feasibility studies, all of which use classical methods of organizational network mapping to reveal patterns about the frontiers of health system stewardship and financing. It explores what it takes to elicit information and map the structure of organizational networks at three levels: regional structures for stewardship and financing, local links to wider enablers or role models, and national catalysts for regional health reform.

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Leadership in Volunteer Multistakeholder Groups Tackling Complex Problems

This chapter explores distributed leadership in volunteer multi-stakeholder groups tackling complex problems, focusing on community organizing practices to transform health and health care in Columbia, South Carolina. It brings to life many of the special challenges common to multi-stakeholder groups, including indistinct articulation of shared purposes, limited engagement and motivation, conflicting interests, lack of trust, limited authority, and decision-making dominated by institutional elites. It shows how the learning of organizing practices cross stakeholders—including public narrative, collective decision-making, and building team structure—can serve as shared leadership practice to systematically overcome those challenges.

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Multi-sector Partnerships for Health: 2014 Pulse Check Findings

This report synthesizes the findings of ReThink Health’s 2014 Pulse Check which they conducted to sketch the national landscape of multi-sector, regional partnerships that are working to create healthier and more resilient communities. Using data from 133 multi-sector partnerships across the United States, they share insights into the scope, makeup, challenges, and accomplishments of these […]

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Combined Regional Investments Could Substantially Enhance Health System Performance And Be Financially Affordable

This analysis shows that combined regional investments in both population- and clinical-level initiatives, coupled with affordable long-term financial strategies, have the potential to dramatically reduce costs, improve health, increase health equity, and boost economic productivity over the next 25 years. It also speaks to a deeper question: Is health transformation truly possible? The answer: Yes…if we are willing to be serious stewards of our common health system. At issue is not a scarcity of dollars, but a lack of power directed toward a sound, system-wide strategy.

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