Developing a Value Proposition Narrative Toolkit

Making a Case That Compels Stakeholders to Get Involved in Regional Efforts to Transform Health and Well-being.

A value proposition is a positioning statement that explains WHAT benefits you, your colleagues, and your multisector partnership or organization provide to WHOM, and HOW you do it UNIQUELY well. It builds on a shared vision for a desired future, defining your unique qualifications to contribute to the vision’s realization. Together, a shared vision and value proposition make a value proposition narrative. Articulating a value proposition narrative will help your stakeholders answer the question, “Why should we be part of an effort to transform health and well-being in our region?” Participating in the acts of building a shared vision for the future and understanding the value you provide in helping to get there enables stakeholders to work together as collaborators, investors, or in some other way. Many health improvement efforts focus on moral persuasion or a commitment to public health best practices to encourage involvement from others. While these may be important arguments, they overlook the reality that your work to transform the system that produces health and well-being in your region provides tangible value—including but not limited to economic value—to a wide range of stakeholders.

Download: Developing a Value Proposition Narrative Toolkit